Education in Noida: Landscape, Scenario and Scope

Boomtown Noida seems to check all the boxes when it comes to enviable infrastructure, expressways, high-rises, glitzy malls, hospitals and of course top educational institutions dotting its landscape. With Greater Noida developing rapidly, Delhi’s eastern suburb is all set to grow at an even faster pace and may even surpass millennium city Gurgaon.

The residential boom in Greater Noida has led to more schools being established there. Delhi Public School, Ryan International, Somerville, Vishwa Bharti, Apeejay – all these big names already has their branches in Greater Noida. Not only moral education, schools now recognises that they are tasked with imparting much more than the regulation academic skills or co-curricular activities. Healthy discussions and workshops on current issues, especially those which have a direct bearing on the students’ well-being are the norm at most Noida schools.

Education is a subject in prime focus in the state’s budget. The government of UP has allocated Rs. 783 crore for the improvement of education and basic infrastructure facilities under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram.

Noida has an eco-system that favors education institutes. The region is preferred by the students as well as faculty. For a city to become an education hub, it has to have all the basic necessities and a little bit extra for students along with excellent employment opportunities thereafter. Noida and Greater Noida are far more planned cities than its chief competitor in the region. This gives students access to all the facilities easily.

Infrastructure has developed the quickest in Noida when compared to its NCR counterparts. The infrastructure also helps the institute to collaborate with international institutes who take these aspects seriously. The ever bulging list of corporate houses is also enticing students to Noida and Greater Noida as many companies prefer employing students from nearby areas.

When it comes to management education it is not just recruitments that get help from companies present in the vicinity. Management education is one of those fields where regular interaction with the industry people is mandatory. In fact, the extent of industry interface during the course is one of the attributes which is used to rank an institute. So if an institute is situated in a region with numerous corporate houses, it makes the interaction that much easier.

Despite Gurgaon being home to more companies than Noida, the latter is still preferred by students, and therefore the institutes. The main reason attributed to this is the cost of living which is comparatively lesser in Noida than Gurgaon. The rents are lower than both Delhi and Gurgaon.
The presence of numerable engineering institutes has also helped the cause of Noida to become a major education centre.

The Noida public library is one of the best libraries in the city where students are seen in large number. When it started, the library had only a handful of books and a few members. Now, over the years, the library has not only become a storehouse for reference books for students, it actually houses huge collection of books and has hundreds of members. So, the next time you want to do away with an old book, don't give it to the scrap dealer. Instead, donate it to Noida public library.

If you are searching for good education, then there cannot be a place better than Noida. It is a place that can give you good education and along with excellent work opportunities.

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